Telecommunications Sector
Transformation through Automation

In the dynamic telecommunications environment, efficiency and speed are essential. Our collaboration with a leading company in this sector has demonstrated the positive impact of automation in optimizing key processes. Here we present three success stories that reflect our experience in implementing innovative solutions.

Automation 1

Streamlining the Customer Interest Registration Process


Register customer interest in different products through front -office agents, facilitating its processing by back-office specialists to complete the sale. The automation of sending notifications to interested customers and retrieving customer data from the company’s various systems was required.


We developed a web tool that allows advisors to record signals of interest. We developed a web tool that allows advisors to record signals of interest. We implement the automation of the collection of customer data and the sending of signals to specific groups of specialist agents, thus facilitating the workflow and improving efficiency in the sales process.

Automation 2

Optimization of the Store and Commission Agent Registration Process


Reduce the time spent by operators registering stores and commission agents in internal applications and websites, using data from spreadsheets.


We created two bots specialized in different workflows for specific applications. These bots collected data from spreadsheets and entered it into application forms through the graphical interface. This solution, with greater than 95% automation, significantly optimized the registration process, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

Automation 3

Improved Order Cancellation Management


Increase the capacity of agents in charge of managing order cancellations, offering product alternatives and making changes or cancellations in internal applications and websites.


We developed an application that allowed agents to launch robots to process modifications or cancellations of contracted products. This eliminated the need for manual navigations in applications, freeing up 20% of agents’ time for calls. Improved efficiency translated into more agile cancellation management and more proactive customer service.

These cases exemplify our commitment to providing effective automation solutions for the telecommunications sector, improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

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